Sunday, 15 August 2010

Week 9 SB

Teal and Jasper are talking in the main room of the house.
Jasper: Are you still annoyed with them for putting in Ariel?
Teal: Yea, they need to make a good show, but I didn't want it to be at my loss. We have made up though so it makes it a little better.
Jasper: Well It could honestly be worse. The could have put your worst enemy in.
Amy and Bethany are talking about Jasper and Teal in the main room.
Amy: I can see why they are in here, they are nice people. That's why I will be so suprised if Kenny doesn't walk through that door next.
Bethany: Same I will be so shocked if he doesn't make it at all. I have to admit though if James doesn't come in I will be gutted. He stood by me from the start.
Amy: But he was kind of harsh to everyone else.
Bethany: Only at the start though.
Teal, Jasper and Ariel are talking in the main room.
Teal: Who do you think will come in then?
Ariel: Well I don't personally know anyone.
Jasper: But you have watched it?
Ariel: No
Jasper: Oh.
Bethany has been called to the Diary room.
SB: Bethany this week has been a tripple eviction, leaving just James, Prunella, Everett and Jennifer in the houses. Next week the final 3 out of those 4 will be joining you. I would like you to tell your housemates.
Bethany: Okay, thank you.
Teal and Ariel are talking in the bedroom.
Teal: So we know that we are gonna be here for at least another week. I am looking forward to it.
Ariel: So am I. I just wonder who joins us.
Teal: Well Jen and Everett are both okay, I don't know about the other 2.
Ariel: I hope they are.
Teal has gone to talk to Amy about James and Prunella.
Teal: So do I need to be wary of either of these people?
Amy: Well both are nice but can have a very short fuse.
Teal: Oh great. I guess things will get interesting then.
Amy and Jasper are talking in the toilet, there are not cameras in the toilet.
Amy: I'm so worried about James and Prunella both coming in. It will destroy the house dynamics.
Jasper: I'm sure it wont. We all get along really well.
Amy: James is Bethanys best friend in the house and Prunella hates her.
Jasper: Oh. Well we all get along.
Amy: But James will take Bethany off us.
Jasper: I'm sure he wont.
Amy: Quite honestly, he doesn't care who he walks on and he wont care if we all nominate him.
Jasper: Well we will just have to see what happens.
Bethany, Teal and Jasper are by the table.
Bethany: I'm so happy James might be coming in.
Jasper: Really?
Bethany: Yea, why what do you know?
Jasper: Nothing.
Bethany: Okay, then.......
Teal has come to the diary room.
Teal: Okay that was the most wierd thing ever.
SB: Teal, What are you talking about?
Teal: Well I was sat at the table with Bethany and Jasper and she mentioned this James guy and then Jasper got all funny about it. I think he might fancy her.
SB: What makes you think that?
Teal: He is always with her.
SB: Maybe they are just friends.
Teal: I Guess.

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