Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sim Brother 2 - Week 3

SB: Sim Brother House this is Sim Brother!
SB: Oliver and Miles you two faced the public vote this week and the first person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house, with 63.2% of the vote is.....
OLIVER! You Have 30 seconds to say your goodbyes!
Today's task is a hop-scotch task. Housemates must play hop-scotch for as long as possible. The last person will be granted immunity.
The housemates start to play hop-scotch.
Miles gives up after 20 minutes.
Ramses gives up after 30 minutes.

Piper and Aliah give up together after 1 hour 30 minutes.
Franchesca gave up after 2 hours.
and finally after 3 hours and 47 minutes Celeb gave up letting Michelle win.
Piper and Celeb are talking in the bedroom.
Celeb: I vote we refuse this week.
Piper: Well I will, if you and one other person does.
Celeb: Ask Michelle.
Piper: She is immune anyway.
Celeb: We never know they may strip her of that.
Piper: MICHELLE! Come here a sec!
Celeb: Us two are refusing this week.
Michelle: Why?
Piper: We don't want to do it.
Michelle: Okay...
Celeb: Will you do it with us.
Michelle: I don't know.
Piper: Come on!
Michelle: Well...
Celeb: It will be fun.
Michelle: Okay.
Aliah: I nominate Miles because I think he is a creep. I also nominate Franchesca purely because we are running out of boys and out of the girls I like her the least.
Celeb: I refuse to vote.
SB: Celeb please nominate.
Celeb: No I refuse.
SB: Please leave the diary room. Sim Brother will contact you shortly.
Franchesca: I nominate Miles because I still think he is a little weird and off putting. I also nominate Aliah because I have a sneaky suspicion she took Miles' clothes.
Michelle: I refuse to nominate.
SB: Please exit Sim Brother shall contact you shortly.
Miles: I nominate Aliah because I am now positive that she took my clothes. I also nominate Piper because she wanted me to go over Oliver.
Piper: I refuse to nominate.
SB: Sim Brother will contact you shortly. Please exit the diary room.
Ramses: I nominate Celeb and Franchesca. I just don't talk to them much.
Celeb, Piper and Michelle have been put into the Sim Brother Prison for 3 days for refusing to nominate. Also Celeb and Piper will automatically face eviction as they do not have immunity.
Miles and Ramses are talking about Piper and Celeb.
Ramses: Do you think they will get to come out before leaving?
Miles: I hope so. I wouldn't want someone to leave without saying bye.
Ramses: Sim Brother can be cruel though.
Miles: I don't know who I want to go.
Ramses: What do you mean?
Miles: I don't like Celeb, but if he goes there are 4 girls and us two.
Ramses: So?
Miles: We will be outnumbered.
Ramses: S**T!
Ramses and Aliah are talking about the other housemates.
Ramses: I'm worried Aliah.
Aliah: Why?
Ramses: Miles said Celeb will go so the boys will be outnumbered.
Aliah: And?
Ramses: Are the girls ganging up on us?
Aliah: No.
Ramses: But...
Aliah: Miles has been paranoid since I took his clothes... oops.
Ramses: It was you?!
Aliah: Don't say anything please.
Ramses: I won't. I promise.
Piper and Celeb are talking about eviction.
Piper: Worried?
Celeb: Kind of. You?
Piper: Yes. Terrified in fact.
Celeb: Our idea was stupid!
Piper: Yes... Yes it was.
Michelle is comforting Piper about eviction.
Michelle: Don't worry you will be fine.
Piper: I feel stupid for trying to play the system!
Michelle: Just don't worry Piper. Really don't worry!
Piper: Okay. I will try.
Michelle: I think you're safe.
Aliah and Franchesca are talking about tonight's eviction.
Aliah: I am so nervous that they wont get to come out before.
Franchesca: They aren't that cruel.
Aliah: You never know.
Franchesca: I hope not anyway.
Franchesca: Sim Brother do the others get to come back to the main house before eviction?
SB: Yes.
Franchesca: That is all. Thank you Sim Brother.
SB: Sim Brother House. This is Sim Brother...
And Celeb you two face the public vote this week and the second person to be evicted from the Sim Brother House with 100% of the vote is.....
Celeb: Bye guys! 100% FML!
Miles: And then there were 6...