Tuesday, 3 August 2010

House 1 Week 7

Bethany has been called to the diary room.
Bethany: Hello Sim Brother
SB: Hello Bethany, You have been put through to the main house which secures your place in the final 8. You may leave through the side doors and your stuff will be brought to you.
Bethany: OH MY! Awesome, Thanks SimBrother.
The remaining 4 housemates in house 1 are participating in a task to see which 2 are up for eviction, they chose their teams as boys vs girls.
James and Kenny beat Prunella and Octavia. Meaning the girls face the eviction vote and the boys to go into the main house.
Octavia and James are talking about eviction in the main room.
Octavia: I think you might go into the house and Prunella might go, leaving me and Kenny.
James: I don't think either of them are true I think it will be people from the other house.
Octavia: Well I guess we dont know what they have do we?
James: No they could have a total bitch
Octavia: Yea and we got rid of our 2 quite quickly
Prunellla has come to James to talk about eviction.
Prunella: I am actually worried you know.
James: Don't be you will be fine I promise.
Prunella: Don't say that.
James: Why I think you will be
Prunella: Exactly you think!
Later Prunella comes to James to talk about earlier.
Prunella: Look James I just don't want you to make promises to me
James: I was only trying to make you feel better
Prunella: Well you can just dont say that
James: Fine