Sunday, 22 August 2010

Week 10

Week 10 is the start of the Main house and brings Everett, Jennifer and James into the mix, with Teal, Bethany, Amy, Jasper and Ariel.
Everett is quickly greeted by Teal.
Teal: I'm so happy you made it. There is so much I need to tell you.
Everett: I actually can't believe I got this far you know.
Teal: Now what I need to tell you?
Everett: Yea?
Teal: They have put my ex-boyfriend in here.
Everett: WHAT!?
Teal: It's fine though. We are getting along and stuff and we don't like eachother.
Later Ariel goes to talk to Jennifer about Everett and Teal.
Ariel: So do you know what is going on between the two of them?
Jennifer: Not really no. I think they kissed just before she had to leave to come here. Thats all I know.
Ariel: So something has happened?
Jennifer: Well yea.
Teal: ME!
SB: Hello Teal.
Teal: Hi Sim Brother.
SB: Teal, you and your fellow housemates are about to take part in your first task. You will need to get all housemates into the task room via the door infront of you.
Teal: Okay, thanks Sim Brother.
SB: Thank you Teal, instructions are in the task room. Housemates must change into medical robes and run through runs to this chair in the back garden the first person to reach the chair will recieve immunity and the right to have both people they nominate definately facing the public vote.
The first person to reach the chair was Everett.
Jennifer and James are talking in the living room about Everett and the task.
Jennifer: To be fair he won fair and square.
James: Yea, but I would of still liked to win.
Jennifer: So would I to be fair.
James: I just don't want to leave.
Jennifer: Me neither, and I think he will put me up.
Teal is cooking and Jasper is talking to her.
Jasper: So how, you feeling?
Teal: Not as bad as I thought it would be.
Jasper: That's good, and at least you don't have to worry about Everett going for a while.
Teal: Yea, just me.
Jasper: Shut up, your not going anywhere, your too nice.
Teal: You don't know that. You know what they say, anything can happen.
Ariel is talking to Bethany in the living area.
Bethany: So what are you thinking of the housemates?
Ariel: I think they are cool, I don't like Everett for obvious reasons, but other than that I'm cool.
Bethany: So you still like her?
Ariel: Of course.
Bethany: Just be careful, don't get in trouble.
Ariel: I will.
Some housemates are talking round the table.
Bethany: So who knows whats going on with Jasper, he seems a bit funny today.
Amy: He is probably just home sick, he has been away from his family for 10 weeks.
James: 10 weeks! I can't believe it! Who has been here the whole time then?
Teal: Just you, Jennifer, Everett, Bethany and Jasper.
Everett: Then Teal came in our house when Amy went in yours.
Amy: And Ariel came in last week.
Bethany: I can't believe its been 10 weeks. I swear they told us we had something like 17 or 18 weeks when we were interviewed.
James: They did.
Amy: Really!?
Everett: You know that means we will get some new housemates?
Teal: Really?
Bethany: I think I know what they will do.
Everett: What?
Amy: Yea tell us!
Bethany: I think they will throw in some housemates who have previously left.
James: Really?!
Teal: I don't think thats going to happen
Everett: You never know though, so prepare for a Martha or a Miranda
James: Maybe even a Jon.
Housemates are spending their first night together in the house and have all chosen their beds for until they leave. One of these housemates will definately be in the final, maybe more.
Amy and Jasper are talking in the bedroom.
Amy: This house is so small now its full.
Jasper: I know I think it is to wind us up.
Amy: Well it is working.
Jasper: I find it kind of funny.
Amy: Really?
Jasper: Well I don't have any enemies and I like everyone.
Amy: Yes, but people will start to irritate you.
Jasper: I guess.
James has come to the diary room.
James: Hello Sim Brother.
SB: Hello James.
James: I was wondering if you could provide us with a party to celebrate.
SB: Celebrate what James?
James: The fact that the main house is now full.
SB: Is that all.
James: And the fact we are the final 8.
SB: Are you sure your the final 8?
James: Are we not the final 8?
SB: Sim Brother can neither confirm or deny this
James: We are aren't we? I'm going to tell people.
Everett has been called to the diary room.
SB: Hello Everett.
Everett: Hi Sim Brother.
SB: Are you happy to be the first head of house?
Everett: Yea, I guess. I just dont want to be harsh.
Jennifer, Bethany and James are at the table talking.
Bethany: I really don't want to go you know.
Jennifer: Same.
James: Then why don't we form an alliance.
Jennifer: What?
James: The three of us, make an alliance to get us further.
Bethany: I'm in.
Jennifer: Me too.
Teal and Everett are talking in the main room.
Teal: You know I can't wait till next week.
Everett: What do you mean?
Teal: To see who goes and I have a feeling something big will happen.
Everett: Same.

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