Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sim Brother 2 - House Tour!

Welcome the the second Sim Brother House. Today we will be touring the house to see what the housemates are in for.
Hi I'm your host Cassii. I am currently walking in the door and through the small corridor that the housemates will see first.
You first enter into the very... colourful living area that I am sat in right now.
As you can see the room is quite the splash of colour and provides just enough seating for the housemates.
Next to the living room is an eating area for the housemates. Yet again a very colourful area of the house.
Next to the dining area is a very plain kitchen. Nothing much else to say about this.
This is the first of three bathrooms and in it are just two sinks, a bath, a shower and below the camera a toilet.
In the second bathroom we also have a bath, shower and toilet, but this time 3 sinks rather than two.
Behind me is the last bathroom. This is the one room in the house with no cameras in. There are however microphones. So no sneaky nomination plotting in there!
This is the bedroom we have given the housemates more space than we normally would, but we are hoping they will still get annoyed with eachother.
Finally we are at the outdoor area here is the area with our hot-tub, fire pit and bbq.
Our little lounging area sits over here.
And finally we have the pool over here.