Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sim Brother 2 - Week 2

SB: Housemates! In front of you lies the 'Slip 'n' Slide' challenge. Housemates must constantly go down the water slides in front of you for however long you find possible. The two housemates who last the longest will receive immunity for the first week. Go!
Celeb was the first housemate to give up with a time of 35 minutes.
Followed by Aliah with a time of 38 minutes.
Ramses also lasted 38 minutes.
Michelle gave up next with a time of 39 minutes.
Next to give up was Miles who had a time of 1 hour 20 minutes.
Followed by Oliver with a time of 2 hours 40 minutes.
SB: Franchesca and Piper you have won the first challenge. May all housemates return to the main house!
Oliver has come to speak to Franchesca.
Oliver: Well done. You deserved it.
Franchesca: I'm so glad I got it I though I was going to be up for sure.
Oliver: Well now you are safe and all that matters is that you don't go out in week one.
Franchesca: Yea I guess so.
Oliver: Just try not to think about it too much.
Miles and Franchesca are talking in the bedroom.
Franchesca: You did well Miles.
Miles: Thanks.
Franchesca: I expected you to win though.
Miles: Why?
Franchesca: I just thought you were competitive
Miles: I am, I just didn't feel it today. You kept going forever and I was tired.
Franchesca: Try not to make too many excuses haha.
Celeb and Michelle are talking in the bathroom.
Michelle: Why did you give up so quickly?
Celeb: I just didn't feel like I had to worry.
Michelle: I guess that's true, but you should of tried a little harder.
Celeb: Probably, but nothing I can do now. I just thought some others needed it more.
Michelle: That's kind, but you have to look out for number one.
Piper and Miles are talking in the bedroom.
Miles: Did you see who took my clothes Piper?
Piper: No honey. Where were they.
Miles: Well I decided to skinny dip and then I looked round and they weren't there.
Piper: Oh... I'm sure they will turn up.
Miles: I hope so.
Aliah has come to the diary room.
Aliah: I did the most hilarious thing Sim Brother.
SB: What would that be Aliah?
Aliah: I took Miles' clothes while he was skinny dipping.
SB: Why did you do that?
Aliah: It will teach him not to skinny dip when he doesn't know the people round him.
SB: Are you going to give them back?
Aliah: Eventually.
Aliah is telling Michelle about her taking Miles' clothes.
Aliah: I did it.
Michelle: Did what?
Aliah: I took Miles' clothes.
Michelle: Why though?
Aliah: So he wont skinny dip any more.
Michelle: I think you should give them back.
Aliah: In good time Michelle.
Piper, Miles and Ramses are eating in the main room.
Piper: Still no luck?
Miles: No. I am really worried.
Ramses: Just put some other clothes on.
Miles: Obviously. I just want them back though.
Piper: Don't get upset, it's obviously a prank that has gone too far.
Miles: I'm not upset!
Ramses: Don't get angry either. Cool it.
Michelle and Aliah are having dinner and talking later.
Michelle: How long are you going to wait it out?
Aliah: Till he finds his clothes.
Michelle: And just act like you knew nothing?
Aliah: I figure someone will of been evicted by then so blame it on them.
Michelle: It's scary how much of an evil genius you are.
Franchesca is talking to Miles in the bedroom.
Miles: Have you found anything yet?
Franchesca: Nothing. Look you have clothes and you will come across them soon enough.
Miles: I hope so.
Franchesca: I know so. Just calm down and relax.
Miles: Thanks.
SB: Hello Aliah. Can you please make your first nomination and explain why.
Aliah: I first nominate Miles. I am still a little disgusted with the skinny dipping.
SB: And your second nomination.
Aliah: Oliver, he seems way too quiet. Like scary quiet.
SB: Hello Celeb can you please give your first nomination and the reasons why.
Celeb: Miles, the skinny dipping was just creepy.
SB: And your other nomination.
Celeb: Ramses, him and Miles are really close and it's a little intimidating.
SB: Franchesca can you please give your first nomination and the reasons why.
Franchesca: Miles, he was very derogatory towards women at the start and I didn't like it.
SB: And your second nomination.
Franchesca: Ramses, for the same reason really.
SB: Michelle please give your first nomination and the reasons for this nomination.
Michelle: Aliah, with the whole Miles' clothes thing she is being mean, and she kinda scares me.
SB: And your second nomination.
Michelle: Miles, he just isn't my type of person. I am sure he is lovely though.
SB: Miles can you please give us your first nomination and the reasons for this nomination.
Miles: Michelle, she strikes me as boring.
SB: And your second nomination?
Miles: Aliah, I think she took my clothes, she seems sneaky like that.
SB: Oliver please give your first nomination and the reasons for that nomination.
Oliver: Miles, he is too full of himself.
SB: and your second nomination?
Oliver: Celeb, he needs to grow up a bit. Also he threw the task and he shouldn't have.
SB: Piper please give your first nomination and the reasons for this nomination.
Piper: Miles, he is a nice boy but has a lot to learn about women's rights.
SB: and your second nomination?
Piper: Oliver, I just haven't really taken to him.
SB: Ramses please give your first nomination and the reasons for this nomination.
Ramses: Celeb, I don't want any girls to leave and I'm close to Miles.
SB: And your second nomination?
Ramses: Oliver, for the same reasons.
Miles is talking to Piper and Franchesca about his lost clothes.
Miles: I still haven't found them.
Piper: Look just forget about them for now.
Franchesca: Yea chill out.
Piper: They will turn up!
Miles: Okay. Please just keep looking for me.
Piper is telling Miles and Aliah a gohst story in the front room.
Oliver and Franchesca are talking in the kitchen.
Oliver: I was sat in there like 'NO I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!'
Franchesca: Same it really made me think about the game.
Oliver: It's a tactical decision without you realizing it is.
Franchesca: Yea, but I don't want to seem like I'm playing a game because I'm not.
Oliver: I don't think it will come across that way.
Franchesca, Michelle and Aliah are talking in the pool.
Michelle: I kind of hope a boy goes.
Aliah: Me too, us girls have to stick together.
Franchesca: It depends which boy though. Some deserve to go more than others.
Aliah: I agree.
Michelle: I just hope I'm not up to be fair.
Aliah: I think we all do.
SB: The first person facing eviction this week is.........
SB: Oliver!
Oliver: What?!....
Franchesca: No way!
Oliver: It's okay no worries guys.
SB: The second person facing eviction is.........
SB: Miles!
Miles: WHAT!!
Ramses: It will be okay Miles.
Miles: I can't believe it.Oliver and Piper got up from the sofas.
Olver: I'm shocked.
Piper: You will be fine. I'm sure.
Oliver: I just didn't expect it.
Piper: I don't think anyone did.
Miles has come to see Sim Brother.
Miles: I can't believe it. They are all so nice to my face. First my clothes then this! You know if I stay no more Mr nice guy! I'm going for people and I'm going to be in it to win it!