Monday, 19 July 2010

Week 5 Part 1

At the beginig of this week housemates from both houses found out they will be set a task to determain who is up for eviction. Kenny and Octavia are talking about this at the table.
Kenny: Who do you think will be doing the task?
Octavia: I don't know but hopefully not me.
Kenny: I don't mind I guess I would go for it.
Felicia and James are in the back of the room talking about eviction.
Felicia: James you do know its going to be me.
James: It wont, don't you worry.
Felicia: Promise?
James: I Promise. Trust me?
Felicia: I trust you James, just they are picking of our group one by one Steph then it will be me I promise you.
James: Stop being paranoid.
Later Felicia is called to the diary room.
SB: Felicia, You have been evicted will you please leave through the side doors?
Edward, Prunella and Bethany are in the garden talking about the task.
Edward: I hope its not me.
Prunella: Same
Bethany: I would quite like something fun to do though
Edward: Well when you put it that way.
Bethany: WHAT!?
Prunella: I told you she was next.
Edward: She will be missed.
Bethany: You had better watch your mouth Prunella.
It was time for the task and In house 1 Kenny, Amy and Edward were chosen.
They jumped for ages.
Edward fell off after 1 hour 27.
Amy after 1 hour 30
and Kenny after 1 hour 31. Giving house 1 a time of 4 hours 28
Bethany and James are talking about the task.
Bethany: Poor effort i think.
James: Same, they could have tried harder
Bethany: Lets hope house 2 do worse.
Edward and Prunella are outside talking about the task.
Prunella: Could you have not done better?
Edward: Sorry
Prunella: Not even 2 hours. Gosh!
Edward: I said I was sorry.
Prunella: Well sometimes sorry isn't good enough.
Edward: Prunella you seem to be so good at making enemys
Prunella: Its my speacialty.
Edward: Well add another to your list.
For house 2 the contedors were Orlando, Martha and Charlotte
First off was Orlando with a time of 1 hour 52
Martha next with a time of 2 hours 3
Then Charlotte with a time of 2 hours 21. So with a combined time of 6 hours 17 house 2 wins and Kenny got the best time for house 1 so gets to choose one other house mate to face eviction.