Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Final

Hello and welcome to the final of sim brother 1. 5 Housemates remain and one will be your winner but who will it be? It's time to talk to the house and find out who came 5th.
Davina:Sim brother house this is Davina Sim.
Teal: Wooooh!
Davina: Well done on making it to the final guys.
James: Thank You
Davina: The Person in 5th place is.............
JESSICA! Jessica please leave the house I'm COMING TO GET YOU!
Davina: So Jessica are you suprised to be here?
Jessica: Not really to be honest I expected it you know last in first out.
Davina: You must be disapointed though.
Jessica: I am a little but not to much to be fair.
Davina: Now you and Jasper got quite close, but in the last week he thought you had ditched him for James. What were you doing Jessica? Was it you plan to go in there and atatch yourself to someone?
Jessica: Not at all I knew Jasper from the audition process and I really liked him then I just think me and James bonded well as friends.
Davina: To be honest I think thats why your here insted of someone else.
Jessica: Really?
Davina: Yea, Anyway who do you want to win?
Jessica: Teal, gotta see my girl come out on top.
Davina: Sim Brother house this is Davina. The votes have been counted and in 4th place is............
JAMES! Say your goodbyes I'M COMING TO GET YOU!
Davina: So James welcome and gratz on 4th.
James: Thanks Davina
Davina: So Why do you think your here and not in the final 3?
James: I don't know I genuinely don't
Davina: Really? I think I do.
James: Why?
Davina: You were flirting with Jess a lot when the public wanted her with Jasper.
James: It was an innocent flirt.
Davina: Anyway who do you want to win?
James: Jasper, he has been there from the start.
Sim Brother house this is Davina the person in 3rd place is...............
SARAH!!!!! Say your goodbyes I'M COMING TO GET YOU!!!!!!!
Davina: So Sarah did you enjoy your time in the house?
Sarah: Yes, and to be honest I didn't expect to be in the final I thought I would be out first week.
Davina: Why, we loved you.
Sarah: But I'm old annoying and moan a lot.
Davina: Thats why we love you!
Sarah: Thank you dear.
Davina: Anyway some people thought you went in just to annoy people. Was that the case?
Sarah: No I wanted the experience and thought It a good oportunity.
Davina: So who do you want to win?
Sarah: Jasper
Sim Brother house this is Davina. The winner of Sim Brother 1 is......................
So 15 weeks, 25 housemates, 13 Evictions, 20 evicted housemates and these were your final 5. Your winner was Jasper and these 5 will be put forward to the vote for the Ultimate Sim Brother House.