Friday, 23 July 2010

House 2 Week 6

Everett and Charlotte are talking in the Kitchen about this weeks eviction.
Charlotte: So do you think that Martha will go?
Everett:I don't know. I mean you never know what the people in the other house are like and the public could just want to keep her in for the arguments.
Charlotte: I think she will cause trouble though if she thinks its her last week.
Everett: Same, We just need to be very careful. I don't exactly see what she could do though.
Charlotte: Just be cautious of her she was asking about you and Jen the other day.
Teal and Jasper are talking in the bedroom about being a new housemate.
Jasper: So Teal what exactly does it feel like coming in late?
Teal: It is the actual scariest thing in the world.
Jasper: Seriously?
Teal: Well people already have friends and enemys so you kinda have to fit into a group.
Martha is in the bedroom talking to Everett.
Martha: So what exactly is going on with you and Jen?
Everett: Nothing to be honest. Why?
Martha: I was just wondering, because your cute. Wouldn't want a guy like you going to waste on someone like that.
Jennifer: What is that suposed to mean?
Martha: You're just annoying and naggish
Jennifer: Whatever Martha, you know you should get evicted. Otherwise people are stupid.
Martha: Okay then Jen, I wont because I have something interesting about me unlike you.
Jennifer: Don't you ever talk down to me like that, ever again.
Martha: Oh come off it Jen, get off your high horse.
Jennifer: Pfft, I will when you stop stiring s**t.
Everett: Cool it guys
Martha: HEY! Leave him alone!
Jennifer: Oh that's your game is it?
Martha: What do you mean?
Jennifer: Make an alliance with an innocent housemate and hope you get by because people think they need you.
Everett: Just leave it you two! Seriously!
Jennifer is talking to Jasper about Martha.
Jennifer: I can't stand her. I don't think I have ever hated someone so much in my life.
Jasper: Well we all just need to deal with her, hopefully for only a week.
Jennifer: And she is blatently using Everett, but he can't see that.
Jasper: He will work it out, you just go and rest.
Martha and Charlotte are talking in the hut.
Martha: Charlotte can I ask you a question?
Charlotte: Go For it.
Martha: Does everyone hate me?
Charlotte: Not everyone
Martha: But some people do?
Charlotte: Yes, but you can't expect everyone to like you.
Martha has just left the hut after Orlando walked in.
Orlando: What's her problem?
Teal: I don't know. I just think she is cautious of you.
Orlando: Why would she be?
Teal: Well before we came in they made us watch all the episodes and it seems every girl who gets close to you gets evicted.
Orlando: I never noticed to be honest.
Teal: Well its true, just be careful.
Jasper and Jennifer are in the hut talking about Martha and ex-housemate Miranda.
Jennifer: I'm telling you now I think they are linked in some way.
Jasper: How though?
Jennifer: I don't know it just doesn't make sense any other way.
Jasper: I just think you need to chill out. Stop thinking so much. You know, Martha is getting you down.
Jennifer: I just cant believe she is using Everett.
Jasper: Because you like him?
Jennifer: Does it matter if I do?
Jasper: I think he deserves to know
Jennifer: It's up to me if i tell him, but I might talk to her
Jasper and Jennifer confront Martha in the bathroom.
Jasper: Look Martha we want to talk to you.
Martha: Erm..... Okay.
Jennifer: I would, well we would appriciate it if you stopped using Everett for your little game.
Martha: What game? I talked to him once.
Jennifer: He is so sensitive though.
Martha: Then why did you turn him down?
Jasper: You turned him down?
Jennifer: What was I ment to do?
Martha: Exactly