Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Main House Week 8

The Main housemates are on the sofas.
Bethany: Who do you think is coming next?
Amy: I don't know, but if it's from our house I really want it to be James.
Jasper: If they come from my house either Jen, Teal, Charlotte or Everett
Bethany: So you got on with everyone?
Jasper: Well I didn't hate anyone.
Later Teal is the next housemate to join them.
Jasper: TEAL!
Teal: JASPER! I can't believe I made it here.
Jasper: It's awesome, I'll introduce you to the other housemates.
Teal: Cool
Later Ariel enters, Ariel is Teals ex boyfriend.
Teal: Oh god!
Jasper: Who is that?
Teal: My Ex.
Jasper: Oh!
Teal: Yea and to make things worse I got with Everet before I left.
Ariel: Daddy's home.
Ariel is talking to Amy in the Main room.
Amy: So why have you come in so late?
Ariel: I don't know I just got the call asking me if I wanted to come in and I said yes.
Amy: Awesome, Well you know Teal obviously and I'm Amy, that's Bethany and Jasper.
Teal goes to talk to Ariel in the main room.
Teal: What are you doing here?
Ariel: I swear I didn't know you were in here.
Teal: Great. I can't believe this
Ariel: It will be okay.
Bethany and Jasper are talking about new housemate Ariel.
Bethany: It's so akward what they have done to her.
Jasper: I know I actually feel sorry for him as well.
Bethany: Why?
Jasper: He didn't know she was in here.
Bethany: What!?
Ariel is talking to Amy in the main room.
Ariel: What do I do? She doesn't want me here.
Amy: Just stick it out. It will be okay I promise.
Ariel: Okay, but I think I need to talk to her.
Amy: Yea well I think you should as well, but give her time to get past the shock.
Teal and Jasper are talking by the fire.
Jasper: Look Teal sort this out because otherwise you will regret that you didn't have fun.
Teal: I guess, but still.
Jasper: But nothing, you have been here longer don't be run out by him.
Teal has come to the diary room.
Teal: How could you? What do you think you are doing?
SB: Teal what is your problem?
Teal: It seems that my Ex has gotten in the house!
SB: Do you have a problem with Ariel?
Teal: Just a bit!
Teal goes to talk to Ariel in the bathroom.
Teal: Look I dont want thinkgs to be akward between us.
Ariel: Good, I mean we can be friends.
Teal: Yea.

House 1 Week 8

Octavia has been called to the diary room.
SB: Octavia you have been evicted you may leave through the side doors.
Octavia: WHAT!? Why?
SB: Goodbye Octavia.
James has come to see Sim Brother.
James: I can't believe it, there is only 3 of us left in this house. It's not right.
SB: What do you mean James?
James: It's so lonely. I just don't like it.
Kenny is in the kitchen fixing the sink Prunella broke earlier.
Prunella and James are in the eating area talkng about the main house.
Prunella: So we know there is 7 people left in the 2 little houses and 5 in the main house. I hope at least one of us gets in the main house now.
James: Same, to be honest I think Kenny deserves it the most, but I think he would enjoy it the least.
Prunella: Same, I think you would enjoy it the most.
Prunella and Kenny are in the pool talking about the final few weeks.
Prunella: You know I'm proud to have made it this far.
Kenny: Same, its not the best achievement, but still I did it.
Prunella: We beat out a lot of people to get here as well.
James has come to Sim Brother.
James: I actually hate this.
SB: What do you mean James.
James: There isn't enough people and Prunella and Kenny are talking about how we have done well like its the final week. Well I don't want it to be my last week!

House 2 Week 8

SB: Sim Brother House this is Sim Brother. Orlando, Martha and Everett. The three of you have faced the public vote and one of you will be evicted. The next person to be evicted is.........
Teal: Woah!
Jennifer: How did Martha end up staying?
Martha: Hilarious!
Charlotte: I think she is serious
SB: And the person entering the Main house is..........
Teal: See you all later okay?
Jennifer: Bye for now Teal
Charlotte: See ya
Everett: I'm gonna miss you Teal
Teal: Same. I hope you make it in.
Everett: If not I really want you to win, and incase I dont get to say it see you when you come out. Stay strong Champ.
Everett: Well I guess thats that.
Martha: Yea and Jen it wasn't you, what a suprise
Everett: Grow up Martha, please.
Charlotte: Are you okay Everett?
Everett: I just don't think I will see her until afterwards now thats all.
Jennifer: You will don't worry.
Later Martha tries to start and argument with Everett.
Martha: You know I don't actually think she deserved to go into the main house. She wasn't interesting at all.
Everett: Oi! She got in because she was a nice person and you have no right to try and tear her down. So shut up and go try stiring s**t with someone else because I don't have to put up with it.
Martha is talking to Jennifer in the hut.
Martha: Look Jen you're a nice enough girl I think my problem with you is that you're all mouth and you enjoy running your mouth when you cant back it up.
Jennifer: You had better be kidding me
Martha: No, I'm quite serious
Jennifer: Your idea of an apology is completely wrong.
Martha: Who said I was apologizing?
Jennifer: That's it. I have had it with you!
Martha and Jennifer are fighting in the hut.
Martha: See what I mean.
Jennifer: Ouch!
Charlotte is talking to Everett about Teal.
Everett: I really miss her you know.
Charlotte: I know, it will be okay I promise.
Everett: I hope. Only a few weeks left before I will know if I see her again.
This week all housemates in House 1 and House 2 face the public vote that means Everett, Charlotte, Martha and Jennifer all face the public vote.