Wednesday, 4 August 2010

House 2 Week 7

Jasper has been called to the diary room.
Jasper: Hey Sim Brother
SB: Hello Jasper, you have been chosen to go into the main house. Your housemates will be informed and your stuff will be brought to you.
Jasper: Thank you, Thanks so much.
Orlando and Charlotte are in the bedroom discussing the task tomorrow.
Orlando: So let me get this right. One person will be saved and then the rest will battle it out with a different task.
Charlotte: Thats what it sounded like Orlando.
Orlando: Great. I'm gonna lose.
Charlotte: Depends what the challenge is to be honest. I just dont want Martha to win.
SB: Housemates this week is your first full survival task. One person will be saved from eviction and go through to the vote to go into the main house the other 5 will compete in a task where 3 will go up for eviction and the other 2 will join the first housemate in the vote to go in the main house.
SB: This task is called Kitchen Work. You will each have to make 3 dishes and the person with the dishes at best quality wins
SB:After the dishes the winner is.......... Charlotte
SB: The Next Task is called "How Much Wood Can A Woodchuck Chuck?". First Teal vs Jennifer vs Orlando vs Martha then the 3 losers stay on and Everett gets a chance to join in.
SB: Teal wins round one!
Orlando: Thats it I quit.
SB: Jennifer wins round two!
Jennifer: Sorry guys
And Orlando face eviction this week with Prunella and Octavia from house 1.
Martha and Orlando are talking in the bathroom.
Orlando: I can't believe this.
Martha: Me neither. We need Everett gone.
Orlando: I agree.
Martha: But lets be honest he wont go. Its gonna be me.
Orlando: Don't be so sure.
Martha: I might aswell just walk.
Orlando: Promise me you wont. Please!
Martha: Fine I Wont Walk.
Orlando: Thank you!
Everett and Teal are talking about eviction in the main area.
Everett: I really hope I don't leave you know.
Teal: Same. Your a real nice guy and I don't want you to go.
Everett: You think so? Then why did Jen say no?
Teal: I dunno it was a really stupid thing to do.
Everett: Thanks Teal
Teal: I think I'm gonna go do my hair different for a while.Orlando and Jennifer are talking about Martha in the living area.
Jennifer: She needs to go. I hate her!
Orlando: I just think she is misunderstood.
Jennifer: Oh Really?
Orlando: Yea
Jennifer: I think she is a total bitch
Orlando: Nice Jen, Nice.
Teal has given herself a makeover.
Martha has started a fight with Charlotte in the main living area.
Charlotte: So your saying you dont like me then?
Martha: Yes
Charlotte: Why though?
Martha: I just don't. I don't need to explain myself to you do i?
Charlotte: Well seen as it involves me yes!
Martha: You try to appear all innocent when really you talk to other people about me, to be honest its quite pathetic.
Charlotte: Look I haven't talked about you to anybody. It would be a waste of my time. Also I don't see why you think you can talk to people likt this. I suggest you dont talk to me for a while.
Martha: I will talk to who I want.
Charlotte: Don't make me hit you.
Martha: Do it then, I dare you.
A fight has broke out between Martha and Charlotte
After the fight Jennifer goes over to speak to Martha.
Jennifer: I don't get why you think you can talk to people like you do.
Martha: Back off Jen, people are gonna hate you anyway because of what you did to Everett.
Jennifer: That has nothing to do with you, you little bitch. I suggest you stay away from me, Charlotte and if you know whats good for you Teal as well. I wont let you belittle any of my friends and I wont let you think you own this house. Is that understood?
Martha: Come off it Jen. You know I could beat you anyday.
Jennifer: Go for it!
Martha: See now you leave me alone