Sunday, 15 August 2010

House 1 Week 9

Housemates have been gathered in the main room for this weeks eviction.
SB: Prunella, Kenny and James, you all face eviction from the Sim Brother house. The next person to leave is.........
Prunella and James are talking in the garden.
Prunella: I can't believe he left, I thought he would be here till the end.
James: I know, and I can't believe I stayed. I thought it was between me and you, for sure.
Prunella: Yea, do you think anyone left from the other house?
James: I don't know. Maybe.
Sim Brother has gathered housemates in the main room.
SB: James and Prunella. Well done, you have made it to the final 9. Next week one more person will leave either house 1 or house 2. The remaining housemates will be moved to the main house. Now this doesn't mean you are in the final 8 though. Remember expect the unexpected.

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