Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Main House Week 8

The Main housemates are on the sofas.
Bethany: Who do you think is coming next?
Amy: I don't know, but if it's from our house I really want it to be James.
Jasper: If they come from my house either Jen, Teal, Charlotte or Everett
Bethany: So you got on with everyone?
Jasper: Well I didn't hate anyone.
Later Teal is the next housemate to join them.
Jasper: TEAL!
Teal: JASPER! I can't believe I made it here.
Jasper: It's awesome, I'll introduce you to the other housemates.
Teal: Cool
Later Ariel enters, Ariel is Teals ex boyfriend.
Teal: Oh god!
Jasper: Who is that?
Teal: My Ex.
Jasper: Oh!
Teal: Yea and to make things worse I got with Everet before I left.
Ariel: Daddy's home.
Ariel is talking to Amy in the Main room.
Amy: So why have you come in so late?
Ariel: I don't know I just got the call asking me if I wanted to come in and I said yes.
Amy: Awesome, Well you know Teal obviously and I'm Amy, that's Bethany and Jasper.
Teal goes to talk to Ariel in the main room.
Teal: What are you doing here?
Ariel: I swear I didn't know you were in here.
Teal: Great. I can't believe this
Ariel: It will be okay.
Bethany and Jasper are talking about new housemate Ariel.
Bethany: It's so akward what they have done to her.
Jasper: I know I actually feel sorry for him as well.
Bethany: Why?
Jasper: He didn't know she was in here.
Bethany: What!?
Ariel is talking to Amy in the main room.
Ariel: What do I do? She doesn't want me here.
Amy: Just stick it out. It will be okay I promise.
Ariel: Okay, but I think I need to talk to her.
Amy: Yea well I think you should as well, but give her time to get past the shock.
Teal and Jasper are talking by the fire.
Jasper: Look Teal sort this out because otherwise you will regret that you didn't have fun.
Teal: I guess, but still.
Jasper: But nothing, you have been here longer don't be run out by him.
Teal has come to the diary room.
Teal: How could you? What do you think you are doing?
SB: Teal what is your problem?
Teal: It seems that my Ex has gotten in the house!
SB: Do you have a problem with Ariel?
Teal: Just a bit!
Teal goes to talk to Ariel in the bathroom.
Teal: Look I dont want thinkgs to be akward between us.
Ariel: Good, I mean we can be friends.
Teal: Yea.

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