Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sim Brother 2 - Week 1

Miles is in the hot tub, skinny dipping.
Michelle has come to the diary room.
SB: Hello Michelle.
Michelle: Hello Sim Brother. So we finally meet.
SB: What is bothering you then Michelle?
Michelle: Well Miles has just got in and started skinny dipping. He is naked in a house of people he doesn't know!
SB: Does this make you uncomfortable?
Michelle: Yes, but obviously he doesn't feel the same. He is quite arrogant anyway.
SB: Does this bother you Michelle?
Michelle: A tad. Not that much though. I guess I don't know him though.
Miles and Ramses are talking in the back garden about the female housemates.
Miles: I must say I am a little disappointed with the talent provided.
Ramses: Talent?
Miles: Yea talent. You know like the girls. I expected really really good looking.
Ramses: I don't know. I think Michelle is good looking and Aliah. Although Piper and Franchesca are married they are also beautiful women.
Miles: I'm just a bit disappointed myself.Aliah and Miles are in the main room talking about future tasks.
Aliah: So what do you think the tasks will be?
Miles: I don't know, but I don't think they will be at all easy.
Aliah: Neither do I.
Miles: I hope I do okay in them though.
Aliah: I don't think you will have any problems.
Piper and Franchesca are talking outside about theit home lives.
Piper: I know I'm going to miss my children when I am here.
Franchesca: How many do you have?
Piper: Three.
Franchesca: Really? Me and my husband want to start a family when I come out.
Piper: That's great. No matter what anyone says don't breast feed. It hurts too much.
Franchesca: I'm going to try it if I can but I don't think I will be able to.
Piper and Aliah are talking about the boys in the house.
Piper: So who do you like then?
Aliah: I don't know. I think Celeb is good looking and Oliver too. Miles strikes me as a little bit of a creep though.
Piper: I know what you mean about Miles and yea those two are cute.
The girls are sat down eating dinner and talking about the last season of sim brother.
Aliah: So who watched the last season?
Michelle: I did.
Piper: Same.
Franchesca: I didn't
Aliah: So who did you two want to win?
Piper: I wanted Teal to win.
Michelle: I wanted Bethany to win till she became a bitch. Then I wanted James to win.
Aliah: I really wanted Sarah to win at the end. She was different.
Ramses, Miles, Oliver and Aliah are all outside.
Aliah: So all skinny dipping together eh? A little bit of a bromance going on?
Miles: Nothing wrong with a bromance.
Aliah: Not saying there is.
Oliver: What are you saying then?
Aliah: Nothing it doesn't matter.
Franchesca and Piper are in the kitchen talking about evictions.
Franchesca: I'm afraid I will go.
Piper: Why?
Franchesca: I'm just not bonding with others that quickly.
Piper: Don't worry. I think you will be okay.
Franchesca: Well I wouldn't vote off you so I hope you wouldn't me.
Piper: Fran! We can't talk about nominations.
Sim Brother has called all the housemates the the living area.
SB: Housemates Franchesca and Piper spoke about nominations earlier. As a result of this the housemates will lose the hot-tub. The doors to outside will be locked as we take away the hot-tub.
Aliah: I can't believe this. The one rule we were given was not to talk about nominations. How can you possibly not follow that?!
Miles: I know you two better have a good excuse!
Oliver: Just calm down. It's done now leave it.
Miles: Fine. I'm so not happy though.
Aliah: Neither am I.
Oliver: Well it doesn't matter.
Michelle has come to the diary room.
SB: What do you think of the housemates behaviour?
Michelle: Well I have spoken to Piper about it and I feel sorry for her it seems like it was all Fran and now the house has split because of it.
SB: How has the house split?
Michelle: Well we have Ramses, Miles and Aliah on one side and Fran and Piper on the other side. Me, Oliver and Celeb are kind of hovering in the middle.
Franchesca has gone to speak to Aliah about the earlier problem.
Franchesca: I just want to apologize. I didn't realize at the time and I want to clear the air with you.
Aliah: I just don't understand why you did it. Obviously I wont know what you said but you can see why I thought you were plotting.
Franchesca: I promise you I wasn't.
Aliah: Okay lets just forget it for now. No point in arguing.
Ramses and Celeb are talking in the bathroom.
Ramses: Why aren't you as bothered about the nomination talking?
Celeb: You just have to get over it.
Ramses: But it was wrong.
Celeb: But you can't do anything about it. Just try to keep your nose out a little.Aliah and Miles are talking about the first eviction.
Aliah: I am so happy we get a few weeks together before an eviction.
Miles: Same I just think I know who will go first.
Aliah: I have an idea too, but lets not talk about it.
Michelle has come into the front room to see the mess from the night before.
Michelle: I can't believe this!
Celeb and Miles are talking to Michelle about her cleaning.
Celeb: Michelle we want to say we are sorry for leaving the mess.
Miles: Yea you should of left us to clean it.
Michelle: Don't be silly. I didn't mind.
Miles: Are you sure.
Michelle: Yes.Piper has come to the diary room.
SB: What is wrong Piper?
Piper: It's Michelle. She is just spending her time cleaning up after people. I feel sorry for her.

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