Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sim Brother 2 - Inrto

Hey I'm Oliver Day. I'm a 25 year old doctor with loads of drive and determination. The main reason I have entered is for the cash prize at the end. As a newly-wed I could obviously use the prize money to start a family and possibly not work so many hours.
Hi I'm Miles Smith. 25. Band Member. I play the drums in a band so ladies are constantly around me. I'm quite used to having all the attention because... well look at me. I don't think there will be tons of competition guy wise, but I could always stand corrected.
Hi I'm Franchesca Minx, Fran for short. I'm 26 and have been a writer for about 7 years now. I am currently working towards getting my first book published I'm just lacking the money, hence the game show. I have been happily married for 4 years now and am also looking to start a family.
Hi I'm Ramses Mann. I'm 24, from a small island village just off the coast of Sunset Valley and I don't get off the island much. I am considered a bit of a ladies man there, it's just not enough though. I was a huge fan of the first series of Sim Brother and let's just hope the women are ready for Ramses.
Hey I'm Aliah Ford. I'm 23 and a bit of a self-confessed over-romantic. I'm an artist so it kind of explains the whole romance thing. What would my friends say about me? A bit klepto. I like to borrow their stuff and not give it back. Other than that I am completely normal I swear.
Hey I'm Michelle Gardener. I'm 22 and a surgeon from Riverview. I try not to have arguments with people because it's just not me. I mean if someone is rude to me I can be rude back, but I wouldn't be rude for the sake of being rude. I am a single gal and hope to find some romance brewing in the house for me.
Hello I'm Piper Houghes and I know I don't look it but I am 32. I'm currently unemployed, well I guess you can call me a housewife. I look after my husband and three children, not that I am any good at cooking or cleaning. I'm very out going and even though I don't like to admit it I enjoy meddling in brewing relationships, you know to try and make them happen.
Hi I'm Celeb Percy. I'm 22 and currently unemployed. I guess people would say I'm a bit of a kid. I don't plan on growing up ever! I hope for the show to bring me loads of money and that fair maiden I have been searching for my whole life.
One housemate was asked to come to the diary room. Oliver decided to come.
SB: Hello Oliver.
Oliver: Hello Sim Brother. Oh My! I can't believe I got to say that.
SB: So Oliver as you have come to the diary room you get the good news.
Oliver: Okay...
SB: The first eviction wont be until week 3 and this season there is no other house.
Oliver: Really? So we are the final 8?
SB: Not necessarily. Remember Oliver expect the unexpected.

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