Wednesday, 11 August 2010

House 2 Week 8

SB: Sim Brother House this is Sim Brother. Orlando, Martha and Everett. The three of you have faced the public vote and one of you will be evicted. The next person to be evicted is.........
Teal: Woah!
Jennifer: How did Martha end up staying?
Martha: Hilarious!
Charlotte: I think she is serious
SB: And the person entering the Main house is..........
Teal: See you all later okay?
Jennifer: Bye for now Teal
Charlotte: See ya
Everett: I'm gonna miss you Teal
Teal: Same. I hope you make it in.
Everett: If not I really want you to win, and incase I dont get to say it see you when you come out. Stay strong Champ.
Everett: Well I guess thats that.
Martha: Yea and Jen it wasn't you, what a suprise
Everett: Grow up Martha, please.
Charlotte: Are you okay Everett?
Everett: I just don't think I will see her until afterwards now thats all.
Jennifer: You will don't worry.
Later Martha tries to start and argument with Everett.
Martha: You know I don't actually think she deserved to go into the main house. She wasn't interesting at all.
Everett: Oi! She got in because she was a nice person and you have no right to try and tear her down. So shut up and go try stiring s**t with someone else because I don't have to put up with it.
Martha is talking to Jennifer in the hut.
Martha: Look Jen you're a nice enough girl I think my problem with you is that you're all mouth and you enjoy running your mouth when you cant back it up.
Jennifer: You had better be kidding me
Martha: No, I'm quite serious
Jennifer: Your idea of an apology is completely wrong.
Martha: Who said I was apologizing?
Jennifer: That's it. I have had it with you!
Martha and Jennifer are fighting in the hut.
Martha: See what I mean.
Jennifer: Ouch!
Charlotte is talking to Everett about Teal.
Everett: I really miss her you know.
Charlotte: I know, it will be okay I promise.
Everett: I hope. Only a few weeks left before I will know if I see her again.
This week all housemates in House 1 and House 2 face the public vote that means Everett, Charlotte, Martha and Jennifer all face the public vote.

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