Thursday, 2 September 2010

Week 13

Everett: Bye guys, see you on the outside Teal.
Teal: I can't believe it.
Everett: You had better win it for me Teal.
Teal: I will try.
Sim Brother has called all housemates to the task room for the next sim brother task. Housemates must run on the treadmills until only one housemate is left. That housemate wins a fast pass the the final and gets to choose one more housemate to get a fast pass the the final as well. The first person off is Sarah, followed by Teal, Jasper and finally Ariel. This means James won and will be in the final.
SB: James you have just won a place in the final 5, you must now choose one more housemate to join you.
James: Are You Joking?
SB: No please choose one housemate.
James: I choose Jasper because he has been here from the start with me.
Teal has been called to the diary room.
SB: Teal infront of you are the pictures of 6 possible housemates. Sim Brother would like you to choose three of these housemates to join you in the house.
Teal: Randomly?
SB: You may do it however you want.
Teal: 3,5 and 6
SB: Thank You Teal.
Jessica, Tyson and Penelope have joined the other housemates in the house. This week these 3 will face public vote and one will leave.
Jessica and Tyson are talking by the table.
Jessica: I can't believe I made it here.
Tyson: Me neither. I know we can't win, but still I want to enjoy my experience.
Jessica: Have you been watching it at all?
Tyson: A little yea.
Jessica: Well who do you think has won?
Tyson: Jasper
Jessica: See I think James or maybe Teal.
Teal and Penelope are talking in the bathroom.
Teal: I'm so happy to have girls round me again. I think the public hate me because they just keep taking all my friends away.
Penelope: Or maybe you just make friends with the wrong people.
Teal: I could do.
Penenlope: Just be careful who you trust because obviously we have seen some stuff, and some people aren't what they seem.
Jasper and Teal are talking.
Jasper: So what do you think about the new housemates?
Teal: I think they know way too much about us.
Jasper: Same, but I must admit Jessica is kinda cute.
Teal: Just make sure you can trust her, if you are popular she may latch on to you to get far.
Jasper: I know and I will be careful.
Jasper and Jessica are talking in the bathroom
Jessica: Vein much?
Jasper: What? No I'm just making sure I look okay.
Jessica: I was joking you know
Jasper: Oh okay
Jessica: Yea anyway I need the toilet. But wait outside? I wanna talk to you.
Jasper and Jessica are kissing in the kitchen.
Jessica and Penelope are talking in the main room.
Penelope: So how are you finding it?
Jessica: Awesome, I have already got with my biggest crush.
Penelope: Make sure people don't think your using him?
Jessica: Well I don't care what people think.
Penelope: Okay just be careful.

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