Sunday, 29 August 2010

Week 12

Jasper: What's this for?
James: I hope its not nominations again.
Bethany: Well it could be worse.
SB:Housemates, new housemate Sarah will choose one person to save and the rest of you will face eviction.
Sarah: What!?
SB: The next name to come out of your mouth must be the person who you choose to saves name.
Sarah: It's nothing personal, but I will be saving Jasper. I just know him better than everyone else.
Jasper has come to the diary room.
SB: Hello Jasper.
Jasper: Hey Sim Brother.
SB: Jasper how has your day been?
Jasper: My day was good. I think it will get interesting in the days to come.
SB: What do you mean Jasper?
Jasper: Well as you obviously know today Sarah saved me and I know Bethany wont like that she has kind of acted like it was her house from day one. So there will be a divide there. Also now six people are up I think you plan on making 3 or 4 leave. Because we had that tripple eviction in the first few weeks didn't we and I don't think we have had anything like that since, I could be wrong you know.
SB: So what do you think of your new housemate Sarah?
Jasper: Well I knew her before and she is alright you know. I don't have problems with her, but I know if she doesn't like you she will tell you. That'll get her in trouble, but I don't think she should be timid in the hopes of winning that would be false.
SB: Jasper do you wish to talk to Sim Brother about anything else?
Jasper: No I'm okay thank you.
Most housemates are asleep in the bedroom.
Meanwhile Bethany has come to the diary room.
Bethany: I'm absolutely livid Sim Brother!
SB: Why is this Bethany?
Bethany: That witch you put in the house has saved Jasper from eviction, no that she shouldn't I mean Jasper is a nice guy, but to judge us and pick one out when she doesn't know us. I don't like her and if I stay I shall let her know that.
SB: Sim Brother suggests you take a while to calm yourself.
Bethany: I don't like her and I think it is verry unfair that this late into the game you are letting more housemates in when you know it will cause problems. Now let me out the diary room I want to sleep.
Bethany is sat at the table.
James: What's up Beth?
Bethany: I don't like her.
James: Who?
Bethany: Sarah, I just feel like it will be me you or Amy that goes, and it's not fair I'm close to you and Amy. I wish she would have saved one of us 3.
James: But she didn't and now we just have to deal with it. If I go you still have Amy and if she goes you still have me. On the other hand if you go, well you know you have enjoyed your time and you have lasted 11 weeks and beat out a lot of people.
Bethany: I guess, I just don't want this experience to end
James: Cheer up, it will be okay.
Bethany: Thanks James.
James, Everett and Amy are talking about eviction.
Amy: Are you two worried?
Everett: Yea I am, but on the other hand I think there are people who are more likely to go.
Amy: Same
James: Bethany is really worried.
Everett: See it's not like she has done anything wrong, unless she has been bitching about us all in the diary room.
James: Do you think she would?
Bethany and Ariel are talking in the kitchen
Ariel: They all think that it's between me and you to go.
Bethany: Why though? What have we done?
Ariel: I don't know. Big Personalities?
Bethany: Yea well I don't want to be talked about.
Sarah and Ariel are talking in the bathroom.
Sarah: I don't know who will go you know.
Ariel: Me neither, I hope Everett or Amy, they don't do much and it bores me, they would be no big loss.
Sarah: I guess.
Davina Sim: Sim Brother house this is Davina. Everett, Teal, James, Amy, Ariel and Bethany, the 6 of you face nominations tonight. The first person safe is......... JAMES!
James: Yes!
Davina Sim: The Second safe housemate is........... TEAL!
Teal: Oh God! Thank You!
Davina Sim: The next safe housemate is................... EVERETT!
Everett: YES!
Teal: Well done.
Davina Sim: And the TWO housemates being evicted are.....
Bethany: Two?
Amy: WHAT!?
Ariel: Guess I'm off then.
Amy: See ya then people.
Bethany: Bye.
Jasper: Well that was rude.
James: I just think she was upset.
Sarah: Well done Ariel
Areil: Thank You.
Teal has come to the diary room.
Teal: I dunno, just tonight doesn't feel right. I know I have Everett and I don't dislike anyone but Bethany and Teal were my girls and I feel I have lost that. I feel alone. Everett is mostly with James and then I feel like I have to stay away from Ariel or Everett gets paranoid and then Jasper is being very quiet and Sarah gives me a wierd vibe. I will find my place soon, I just feel like I don't belong.
SB: Would you like a while to think by yourself?
Teal: Yes please.

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