Tuesday, 13 July 2010

House 2 Week 4

Charlotte: Housemates. I'm not longer the new girl. I will go get them.
Jasper: But we were....
Charlotte: Continue later.
Charlotte is talking to Teal in the kitchen.
Charlotte: Feel free to hang around with me and Jennifer, that goes for both of you. Wait where has Martha gone?
Teal: I don't know
Charlotte: Well anyway both of you can hang around with us. To be honest the house doesn't have many problems now. There was a tripple eviction that got rid of the problems.
Teal: Thats kinda weird.
Charlotte: But pretty funny
Teal has gone to ask Orlando about the eviction.
Orlando: It was funny to be honest
Teal: Why was it?
Orlando: Because two of the girls were Tiff and Miranda and from day one they were trying to push one another out. So for both of them to go in the same week was pretty funny.
Teal: And the thrid girl?
Orlando: Well I don't know why Jena went. I guess she was boring.
Jasper comes to talk to Teal in the hut.
Jasper: Hey. I'm Jasper.
Teal: Teal
Jasper: So enjoying the house?
Teal: Well so far so good
Jasper: It gets a lot better
Teal: Wanna fill me in on what's been going on?
Jasper: Well Everett likes Jen but she doesn't like him and he told her.
Teal: Did she shoot him down?
Jasper: Yea
Teal: But he is so cute. Not that I have talked to him.
Jasper: Well go for it he is an awesome dude.
A fire started when Jen was cooking.
But she put it out quickly and there was barely any damage.
Martha: Well done people
Charlotte: Do I sense sarcasm?
Martha: Yes you do.
Charlotte: It couldn't be helped.
Martha: Well now we all have to go into the bedroom while we get a new cooker.
Charlotte: Yay a small space with such a happy person.
Everett has come to the diary room.
SB: Hi Everett
Everett: Hey Sim Brother
SB: What is bothering you Everett?
Everett: Nothing after what happened last week I am quite liking the quite atmosphere.
SB: How do you like the new housemates.
Everett: Haven't really spoken to them. I'm trying to take a back seat this week.
Martha is talking to Jasper about Charlotte
Martha: How dare she talk to me like that!
Jasper: You just got on the wrong side of her thats all.
Martha: No don't stand up for her.
Jasper: I'm not
Martha: Good. She was rude.
Jasper: Well so were you.
Teal and Orlando are talking about Martha.
Orlando: She kinda scares me. Seems a bit crazy.
Teal: I know I cant believe how she came in and started stiring up stuff straight away.
Orlando: Some people are just like that though.
Teal: Well I think you have a new problem.
Jennifer and Charlotte are talking about Martha and Ex-housemate Miranda in the bedroom.
Charlotte: Similar names, similar personalities
Jennifer: OMG! thats so true
Charlotte: I don't know who she thinks she is coming here and trying to start things.
Jennifer: But Teal is nice.
Charlotte: Yea, I hope she stays.
Jennifer: Yea, so do I.
Charlotte, Jasper and Orlando are talking about next weeks eviction.
Orlando: Who do you think will go?
Charlotte: I don't actually know.
Jasper: Me neither.
Orlando: It could be any of us really.

Teal and Martha are arguing about alliances by the pool.

Martha:You left me.

Teal: No I didn't, I was never with you.

Martha: Well you have made an enemy.

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