Saturday, 24 July 2010

House 1 Week 6

SIm Brother has called Kenny to the diary room to decide who he wants to replace himself with in the eviction.
Kenny: I choose Martha Sim Brother, mainly because I like everyone in my house, its just a random choice.
Prunella, James and Octavia are talking about Felicia.
James: I actually miss her you know.
Prunella: That is so sweet
Octavia: So you wanna see her on the outside?
James: Of course I do. I want her back in here.
Prunella: Well I guess you never know what could happen.
Kenny and Bethany are talking about the people in their house and the eviction.
Kenny: You know I really hope neither of our people go. I'm just getting to like Amy and Edward.
Bethany: You know we could lose both of them.
Kenny: I hope not, I really want to get to know them.
Bethany and Octavia are talking about Kenny outside.
Bethany: I really like Kenny. I know he is so much older than me but he is so cute.
Octavia: Then go for it
Bethany: But the age.
Octavia: Look if you like him just go for it.
Bethany: I will think about it okay?
Octavia: Promise?
Bethany: I promise.
Bethany has come to talk to Sim Brother about Kenny.
Bethany: I really like him, like a lot.
SB: And who would you be talking about?
Bethany: Kenny, he is so sweet and nice.
SB: Have you talked to Kenny?
Bethany: No I'm kinda scared to.
SB: Sim Brother suggests you talk to Kenny about this.
Bethany: Thank you Sim Brother.
James and Octavia are in the bathroom talking about Prunella.
Octavia: You know Prunella is only 27
James: WHAT!?
Octavia: My reaction exactly. Amy is on about giving her a makeover. I vote we do it.
James: Me too.
James is talking to Bethany about Prunella.
James: I cant believe she is just 27
Bethany: Me neither, I thought she was like 30's you know?
James: I think she needs that makeover.
Amy is talking to Prunella about giving her a makeover.
Amy: If you don't want to thats fine, I just think it would be fun.
Prunella: Sure why not. It cant hurt.
Amy: I just hope you like it. If not we can do it again though.
Prunella: I'm counting on you Amy.
Amy has given Prunella her makeover and it talking to her about it in the bedroom.
Prunella: I actually quite like it.
Amy: It's so much better honestly.
Prunella: I love the boots they are so comfy.
Amy: I told you.
James has come to talk to Prunella about her makeover.
James: wow, you look so much better Prunella. Not that you didn't look good before.
Prunella: Erm.... Thanks?
James: No it's a good thing.
Amy: It is honestly.
Edward has been called to the diary room.
SB:Edward you have been evicted you may leave through the side doors.
Amy has been called to the diary room.
SB: Amy as you recieved the least nominations out of the housemates up for nomination you will be given a prize.
Amy: What kind of prize?
SB: You will be the first person to move into the main house. This secures your place in the final 8.
Amy: NO WAY!
SB: You may leave through the side doors and will be taken to the new house.
SB: Hello Amy
Amy: You're here too?
SB: Welcome to the main house.
Amy: Thank you for having me.
SB: Your old housemates think you have been evicted in a double eviction.
Amy: Okay.
SB: You will now have a place in the final 8 and will live in the new house.
This is the living room
The Kitchen.
The eating area
The Bedroom.
Amy: So I guess this is it now.

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