Tuesday, 6 July 2010

House 1 Week 3

After Jon's Departure the housemates are talking.
Prunella: Well I guess thats one down.
Felicia: And one we didn't particually want
Octavia: Well there should be less arguments anyway.
Prunella: I hope so. I can't deal with any more of them
Stephanie: No matter what anyone says I quite liked Jon, he was always nice to me.
Prunella: Well he would be nice to you, look at you.
Stephanie: Whats that ment to mean?
Octavia: I think Prunella ment....
Stephanie: No let her explain.
Prunella: Just that boys will be nice to girls based on looks.
Stephanie: Look I'm gonna ignore that because I don't want an argument with you Prunella
Later Prunella goes to talk to Steph about the incident earlier.
Prunella: Look Steph I never ment to offend you
Steph: Well you did. You basically said I only have male friends because of my looks, which suggests there isn't a lot to my personality.
Prunella: But I didn't mean it like that.
Steph: Well that was the way it came out
James: You two just leave it agree to disagree
Octavia: No if they don't sort it out the house will divide.
Steph: I don't want to sort it out.
Steph later talks to Bethany in the kitchen.
Steph: I don't know what her problem is, but personally I think that because she doesn't feel good in her own skin she attacks confident people.
Bethany: I don't particually feel comfortable round her and I think that might have something to do with it.
Steph: Well I don't want her here. My experience would be so much better without people like that in my way.
Bethany: Just try to be plesant to her please
Steph: Fine, but I dont like her.
James later comes to talk to the two of them about the situation.
James: Personally I can see a divide already and its built around that.
Steph: What do you mean?
James: Well think about it there is you, me , Beth and Felicia on one side and Octavia, Prunella and Kenny on the other. We don't really talk to them and they don't to us.
Bethany: I see your point, but it shouldn't become survival of the groups thats not right either.
James: I'm just saying be careful.
James and the girls are in the pool.
James: Where is Kenny......?
Kenny has been called to the diary room
SB: So Kenny how does it feel to be free from eviction for a week?
Kenny: Awesome. I just cant believe I got picked.
SB: And what do you think to Octavia?
Kenny: She fits in well, but personally I don't think there is much to her. She doesn't contribute much to the group and I think if she wasn't here we wouldn't of noticed.
SB: Well Kenny SimBrother is giving you a secret mission.
Kenny: WHAT!?
SB: You must choose one housemate who will automatically face the public vote next week. If that housemate gets evicted you will stay and carry on as normal. If that housemate stays you will face the public vote every week until you leave.

Prunella goes to talk to James in the bathroom about "game plans" and then again at the table.
Prunella: So James who do you think has one?
James: To be honest you.
Prunella: Really?
James: Well you seem to like making things revolve around you after nominations and after evictions and then be everyones friends when nominations come up.
Prunella: I assure you that isn't intentional
Beth and James are in the kitchen talking about the incident.
Beth: I just don't feel comfortable now
James: Me neither
Beth: Personally I think one of them has to go
James: Well I know who I would prefer
Beth: Same, lets just hope its her
James: I would be annoyed if the other one went home.
Later Prunella and Stephanie are by the pool.
Prunella: Look can we talk.......
Steph: No
Prunella: Why?
Steph: I have nothing to say
Prunella: Well I do
Steph: Well I dont want to hear it
Prunella follows Steph to the back of the garden.
Prunella: Steph just let me.....
Steph: NO!
James: Maybe its best you leave her be Prunella
Kenny: Steph just talk to her.
Steph: It has nothing to do with you Kenny
James: She is right
Kenny: Then what does it have to do with you James
James: Don't start that
Prunella: He makes a point
Steph: James is my friend
Prunella: And Kenny is mine
Steph: Its different
Prunella: No it isn't
James: Just leave it now.

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